Goal Ball Action

I just came home after an exciting night of goal ball action. With ten players in attendance (and three young women new to the sport who came to observe), there were two three-person teams and one four-person team rotating through several scrimmages (only three players can be on the court at one time).

The games were fast and furious, with throwers slinging the ball bowling-style across the court and defenders attempting to block it with their bodies before it crossed the goal line. All players must wear ski goggles covered with tape to obscure any vision they have, and the ball (which is slightly larger and heavier than a basketball) has bells in it so that players can hear it approaching. Lines on the court marked by ropes taped down to the floor also help with orientation.

Tonight Jonathan Newman, who administers the program and serves as referee, did an excellent job of creating evenly matched teams, so every game was competitive (despite the cannonballs that some of the veteran players were serving up). The last game of the night, and the most exciting in my opinion, was tied at 1 until my team scored with just a couple of minutes to play. We were then able to hold the lead for a low-scoring 2-1 victory. Yes, it’s fun to play, but especially fun to win! Now I’m going to go nurse my bruises…