Adaptive Kayaking Program

The BORP Adaptive Kayaking Program in Berkeley provides safe flatwater kayaking opportunities for people with disabilities and their companions. We’re happy to serve both new and experienced paddlers. We often work with paddlers to help fine-tune the best set up for each person to maximize their safety and independence on the water. With know-how, adaptive tools, and a gorgeous location, we help make kayaking a great experience for everyone. Whether you want to exercise, bird watch, or just try something new, BORP Kayaking is happy to help.

Kayaking at BORP is closed for the winter. We are still OPEN for consultations about adaptive paddling for individuals or organizations. Email kayak@borp.org for a consultation, or to join the email list where you can learn about upcoming kayaking opportunities.

Kayaking is located at the BORP Adaptive Cycling Center at 80 Bolivar Dr. in Berkeley, on a one-mile long enclosed brackish lagoon in Berkeley’s Aquatic Park.

The BORP Kayaking program features a number of universal design and adaptive solutions to help make kayaking successful for all. These include:

    • A wheelchair accessible dock with adaptive kayak launch a short distance from parking
    • A number of tools to assist transferring into and out of kayaks including: a transfer slide bench, transfer chairs of varying heights, and a motorized lift
    • Onsite accessible restrooms
    • A fleet of stable yet maneuverable kayaks, including pedal-kayaks
    • Stabilizing outriggers
    • Adaptive mitts and paddles

For more information, to sign up for kayaking, or to be added to the email list, please contact: kayak@borp.org.

kayaking in the aquatic park