BORP is rolling out a new participant membership program! By March 2024, everyone who participates in our programs will need to become a member of BORP. BORP is starting this membership program for two reasons: 1) We need new revenue to keep our programs going and 2) because this new system will eliminate a lot of admin work- saving both participants and staff time . We are committed to keeping our programs accessible to everyone; no one will ever be turned away from BORP for lack of funds – to receive a scholarship code just send an email to

Click here to become a member today!

Participant Membership

The Participant Membership rate is $240/year, which can be billed monthly at $20 a month. You can also join as a monthly member for $25 or buy a BORP “day-pass” membership for $13.

BORP is a bargain! For context:

  • Sports Basement average bike rental: $50/day or $480 for six months
  • Berkeley YMCA: $64/month
  • Orange Theory: $35 for each fitness class

Sustaining Members

Sustaining Members are monthly donors starting at a minimum of $5/month. Both participants and non-participants can become sustaining members! Participants can become a Sustaining Participant Member by adding a monthly donation to your monthly Participant Member charge. We’ll soon have new BORP merchandise to choose from. We’ll send you the BORP gear of your choice when you’ve donated $60 with your monthly payments.

A: Becoming a member involves two easy steps:

Step 1: Click here and fill out the participant membership form. The form only takes five minutes and includes our waiver and media release.

Step 2: After you fill out the membership form- you’ll get a confirmation email with a link to rest your password to access your neon account. Click that link to select a username and password so you can log-in to Neon. Creating an account is the only way you can register for BORP Programs so please do so!

There are three types of memberships:

  • Annual Membership: $240 – $20/month billed monthly
  • Monthly Membership: $25 for one month
  • Day Pass: $13 for one day of BORP Programming

You can easily renew your membership or change your membership level at any time in the Neon Portal. Note that when you change your membership level you will need to fill out the membership form again (sorry about that- it’s something we can’t change with the system we are using!)

A: No. The average annual cost to BORP for each participant is roughly $1,500. We will never pass on that full true cost to our community which is why we will still need to fundraise to make up the gap.

Yes! Scholarships are available for anyone who receives any government assistance, is on a fixed income, or for whom paying a membership fee would be a financial hardship that would cause them to have to meaningfully cut back in other areas of their life.

To receive a 50% or 100% scholarship code for an annual membership- email:  

We are also providing a monthly scholarship code below that can be used for a free monthly membership. This code will expire on May 31, 2023. We ask that you only use this code if you meet the above criteria to qualify for scholarships:


Becoming a member allows you to participate in almost all BORP programs- virtual and in-person free of charge. Rock climbing continues to cost $10/session paid directly to the gym and certain trips may have additional costs.

We hope that becoming a member will encourage you to check out everything BORP has to offer.

A: Collecting this information helps us get a sense of who we are serving so we can work to better serve the entire disability community. This information also helps us demonstrate our impact to our government and foundation donors. All data is anonymized in reporting.

A: Going forward- we are asking our participants to register for our programs before attending. This will help BORP staff and volunteers best prepare for classes and practices. It will also mean that the hours BORP Staff normally spend entering admin data can be spent making our programs awesome. Lastly, it will mean you’ll get up to date information about your programs and have a handy way to keep track of everything that’s coming up.

You can see the full list of upcoming BORP programs here. Note that you’ll need a Neon account (see above) to view.

A: We ask anyone attending a BORP program fill out our membership form.  We need everyone to sign our waiver and it is helpful for us to have a full record of everyone we serve: for grant reports and our own planning.

We have an option to select family member/friend/PCA for an annual membership. The cost of that membership is anywhere from $0 to an amount that feels comfortable to you.

We love having family and friends participate in our programs and creating a space where people with and without disabilities can recreate together.

Participants who require additional help accessing our programs will never have to pay a surplus when they come with a PCA.

Folks new to BORP can email to receive a link for a FREE week-long trial.