A Unique Sport for People with Vision Impairments

Goalball is a lively and fast-paced team sport designed for people with all levels of vision impairments. Participants play in teams of three and compete to throw a basketball-size ball embedded with bells into the opposing team’s goal. All players wear blacked-out goggles.

BORP welcomes newcomers to the sport as well as experienced players. We also encourage sighted friends and family to come and play. Teams are mixed gender, and include players ages 13 and above.

Goalball is a great way to add movement and fun into your life. Participants often develop lasting friendships and create stronger community connections. Some of BORP’s goalball athletes have participated in many national tournaments, and BORP supports participants who want to travel to tournaments.


Weekly, on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm

Berkeley Adult School Gym
2100 Browning Street, Berkeley, CA 94702

Join Us!

Newcomers should email info@borp.org or call 510-225-7030


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