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BORP was founded in Berkeley, California in 1976 by individuals with disabilities, and remains the leading provider of high-quality adaptive recreation opportunities for individuals throughout the greater Bay Area. BORP’s mission is to improve the health, independence, and social integration of individuals with physical disabilities and vision impairments. With an annual budget of $1.2 million, and a staff of twenty, BORP serves individuals of all ages through in-person and online adaptive sports, recreation, and fitness programs. Our robust program menu includes team sports (wheelchair basketball, goalball, sled hockey, power soccer, and wheelchair rugby), adaptive cycling, kayaking, climbing, adventures & outings, and fitness classes.

BORP is a game changer! Participants enjoy a range of quality-of-life outcomes from improved health, increased self-confidence, and enhanced self-esteem. Many of BORP youth athletes have received college sports scholarships; some have become U.S. Paralympians. BORP is a year-round destination for adaptive sports, fitness, and recreation that also provides participants with an inclusive and supportive community.

BORP envisions a future that includes program enrichment and expansion to meet the needs of a growing population. As part of this growth strategy BORP is committed to developing a recreational facility with a gym and fitness center to house many of its programs.

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