BORP is a one-of-a-kind organization with a rich history and huge impact. The passionate BORP community has helped us provide lifechanging sports and recreation opportunities to people with disabilities for almost 50 years. We depend on you to keep our current programming strong. We also want to expand our programs to help even more people access these opportunities. In exchange, you deserve to know how that money is being spent. We are committed to transparency (we recently earned platinum status on Guidestar).

BORP Adaptive Sports and Recreation relies on three main sources of giving: 

  • Individual Giving:  We are lucky to have the support of thousands of individual donors. Consider becoming a member today and pledging a monthly commitment to keeping BORP strong! 
  • Partners and Funders

We know we have a big deficit to make up! Here, in a nutshell, are the reasons why we are currently in the red: 

  • In response to COVID we launched new programs and hired new staff to serve the community through online programming. These programs now serve many individuals who can’t travel easily or who live in places (Alaska, Poland) where there are no local adaptive fitness resources.  
  • The government funding that supported these new programs has ended, but we are maintaining the programs.
  • Also, inflation (need we say more?).   

We are addressing the funding gap as best we can this year and are committed to a balanced budget for 2024-25. You can help BORP plan for the future by including BORP in your will to build BORP’s endowment.