Equal Rights Center Seeks Your Stories

 The ERC is getting ready to launch an exciting new
multi-facetedcampaign – “What’s Wrong with this Picture?” -which will
educate people across the nation on what civil rights mean for people with
disabilities, and barriers to look for in accessibility.   The focus of our
campaign will be a game, in which users are shown a picture and are asked to
identify the in accessible feature.  In this way, people with and without
disabilities will have a fun and stimulating forum through which to learn
more about what federal law mandates. Users will also find additional
resources on accessibility, an easy to use complaint form, and real
testimonials from people with disabilities encountering
accessibility barriers in their daily lives. 

I am writing to ask your help in gathering real testimonies.  The project will be made stronger through the voices of real people, with various disabilities, who can share their experiences.  The testimonies need only be one to two paragraphs, can include a picture or not, and can be submitted with a real name or anonymously.   We would also love to share on our site any video which you think would be appropriate – of personal testimony, or of civil rights issues in general for persons with disabilities.

Please ask your staff, advocates, and community members to submit testimonies of barriers to accessibility, or stories of reasonable accommodations or modifications, by January 31, 2011.  The focus
of the campaign is housing, but we welcome public accommodations and
employment stories. Send your stories to: Robyn M. Powell Disability Rights
Program Manager Equal Rights Center 11 Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 450
Washington, D.C.  20036
(202) 370-3210