Junior Adventures + Alpine Meadows = Fun

On January 22 and 23, BORP Junior Adventures participants traveled to Alpine Meadows Ski Resort to spend some time on the slopes. Disabled Sports Far West provided instructors, a 2.5 hour lesson and equipment for each BORP participant. This organization does an excellent job understanding the needs of the population, making everyone feel safe and comfortable, and ensuring a good time is had by all.

Eight BORP youth took lessons and climbed the slopes, while most of the parents spent time either skiing or being paparazzi for the youth. The day was sunny and beautiful, a perfect way for a first-timer to experience the Lake Tahoe area. 

Paparrazi Parents

This was a weekend of learning and excitement for everyone involved.  Depending on one’s ability and strength, one was able to use a sit mono-ski, a sit bi-ski, or standing skis with supports.  With experience and increased comfort, one could move from a bi-ski to a mono-ski, as some of our youth did.

By the end of each lesson, BORP youth were smiling and excited to go back for more.  And they will go back, on March 20th!

Mr. Excited and Mr. Smiling

For more information on Disabled Sports Far West and their programs, visit http://www.dsusafw.org/