Whale watching in Half Moon Bay

Before I became an Adventures & Outings participant, I never imagined I would have the opportunity to witness Nature’s moments of stillness as well as her moments  of amazement. The prospect of seeing spray from a blow hole or a gigantic tail fin waving at us was so exciting.  As we boarded on a boat, the size of a professional fisherman’s, I was hoisted wheelchair and all on deck by four strong pairs of hands.   Our departure took us twelve miles off-shore to witness the whales as they migrated toward the Arctic to feed and breed.

We were three months into the six-month migration, so, I thought we’d have a pretty good chance to see a Gray Whale.  However, as we got further and further from shore, I realized that wildlife does not always fulfill the whims of Nature buffs like me.  To bear special witness to Nature you need luck and timing on your side.  Luck. . .?  Timing. . .?  Forget it.  We did see an otter laying on its back as he floated by and there was a cloud of jelly fish as they traveled the waves of the ocean, but no, no migrating Gray Whale.

Twelve miles off-shore and still no sighting meant that we were heading home.  Darn, three hours on the boat had gone by as if it were only an instant.  Oh well, this trip had only increased my perseverance to witness Nature in her purest form.

There’s always next time!