BORP Power Soccer: Awesome Weekend!


Thanks to everyone for making this such an enjoyable weekend of power soccer. Many thanks to all the volunteers, referees, family members, spectators and friends for their wonderful, comprehensive support.

Through a span of 11 games this weekend we were all treated to remarkable individual and team play that was unimaginable at the start of the season. Thanks to the players and coaches of all the teams for continuing to push the quality of play and raising the level of competition at every match with unfailing sportsmanship.

For me it was additionally exciting to see several new players participate and to share their fresh delight in the opportunity to play and compete. My personal favorite goal of the weekend was a strike from BORP Bomber Milo Balcziunas on a sweet assist from Jessica Roekl-Navazio. Milo (10) and Jessica (13) are the backbone of a BORP youth player influx including Ruby Shemaria (10) and Sylvia Colt Lacayo (9) that promises even more great things for the future.

Next games are scheduled for May 21-22 in Alviso. These are the last local games this season so mark your calendars and come out and cheer for your favorite player/team/referee.