Bombers drop two in April match-ups

 Bombers 1 Crushers 8
The Bombers faced off against the Crushers on April 17, facing a crushing 8-1 defeat.  Brian Larson  scored early on with an unassisted goal, winning a battle against Bombers defender Eddie Contreras and beating out keeper Luis CamposApril Bryant put one in off a corner kick and the Crushers took an early 2-0  lead.  The Crushers then scored three more goals in quick succession, two by veteran player Margaret Mele and another score by Brian Larson
The second half opened with yet another goal by red hot Larson but the Bombers found an opening five minutes into the second half when Milo Balcziunas blasted a shot in off a pass by Jessica Roeckl-Navazio
Further offensive attempts by Bomber players Emil Perry, Alexa McBride, Ruby Shemaria and Chanelle Stallmeyer  were shut down by Miranda Green, Stephen Dykstra and Thalia Geleibter.  The game ended with two more goals for the Crushers, one by Stephen Dykstra and a third goal in the game by Mele. Bomber keeper Luis Campos and defender Milo Balcziunas are ready to defend against the Crusher’s onslaught led by Brian Larson.

Regional Coaches and Officials

   Bombers 0 Ghostriderz 5
The Ghostriders came ready to play after suffering a 1-0 loss the last time these two teams squared off.  The Ghostriders wasted no time putting up the numbers.  Less than five minutes in Jordan Rutlege feed the ball to teammate Tim McPheeters who blasted one in past the Bombers defense.  The teams battled fiercely back and forth on the court.  Emile Perry had a number of breakaways that were derailed at the goal line by Ghostrider keeper Jaime

Both teams came back out after the halftime break ready to rock!  After 8 minutes of shots being fired at both goals Brett McCollough managed to breakaway and score the Ghostrider’s third goal unassisted.  Tim McPheeters had another goal to put the Ghostriderz ahead 4-0 and McCollough scored again in the final seconds of the match to make it 5-0 Ghostriders.

 Ghostrider Tim McPheeters and Bomber Emile Perry battle for control in the second half.
BORP Power Soccer Coordinator Jonathan Newman expressed his reflections after the weekend.  “Through a span of 11 games this weekend we were all treated to remarkable individual and team play that was unimaginable at the start of the season. Thanks to the players and coaches of all the teams for
continuing to push the quality of play and raising the level of
competition at every match with unfailing sportsmanship. For me it was additionally exciting to see several new players participate and to share their fresh delight in the opportunity to play and compete. My personal favorite goal of the weekend was a strike from BORP Bomber Milo Balcziunas on a sweet assist from Jessica Roeckl-Navazio. Milo (10) and Jessica (13) are the backbone of a BORP youth player influx including Ruby Shemaria (10) and Sylvia Colt Lacayo (9) that promises even more great things for the future.”

The final games of the regular season are being played May 21 and 22 in Alviso.  Many players will be getting ready to compete at the State and National Levels and to train for the National Team.  Special thanks to the coaches, referees and volunteers who help make it happen.  Best of luck to all of our power soccer athletes and Go BORP Power Soccer Teams!!!