Hey Teams,
What a fun day! Starting with a John Starks’ goal in the first minute of the first game, and all the way to Chanelle’s last second block of a Rollin’ Rebels strike in the last game, it was a day filled with great soccer from every Bomber and Crusher!

Crushers Brian Larson and April Bryant each scored 4 goals and Brian also had 5 assists. John Starks had 2 goals for the Bombers and countless pin-point passes.  Jake Bath and Ian Kinmont had one goal each for the relentlessly attacking Crusher offense. Crushers goalies Margaret Mele and Stephen Dykstra put a solid wall in front of the Crushers goal and led a defense that allowed zero goals all day. Meanwhile the Bombers demonstrated a powerful commitment to teamwork and communication that resulted in tons of scoring opportunities.

Thanks to the BORP Booster Club for providing the delicious lunch and snacks. Thanks to our scoretable volunteers and the referees for a full day of excellent work. Thanks to our great coaches and team volunteers: Julie, Rich, Stephen, Evonn and all the rest who helped with guards, coaching and player support. And thanks to our friends/opponents from Santa Barbara, the Rollin’ Rebels for playing great soccer and bringing out the competitive best in the Bombers and Crushers.
Have a great week!

Jonathan Newman