BORP Cycling Goes to China

China's newest handcyclist.

BORP Cycling Coordinator Greg Milano is currently in Guangzhou, China for the Sports United US/China Inclusive Sports and Recreation Professional Exchange Program.

Chinese Track Team works out.

Greetings from China!  I am honored to be working with 9 other US delegates learning about adaptive programs in China and providing training for Chinese professionals and students.

China women's wheelchair racers meet US paralympic gold medalist Linda Mastrandrea

We’ve visited several schools and provided several workshops already.  I brought a handcycle in my luggage (really I did!) and have been getting as many people as possible on the wheels.  No one here I have met yet has seen one in person before.  They have a bike path on the river, so of course I am trying to convince them to start a program just like BORP’s!

US delegates take on students from our host GETCH, refereed by US paralympic gold medalist and former BORP coach Susie Grimes.