Sled Hockey-BORP kids win in L.A.!

BORP Kids win in L.A.

Hello Cruisers!!

What an amazing weekend.
The BORP Youth Sled Hockey team went down to LA for the first ever NorCal vs. SoCal Youth Sled Hockey game and came out as champions.

The kids played an amazing game, using their speed to control the pace of the game and keeping pressure on the kids from SoCal the entire game.  SoCal played a physical game, taking every opportunity to check our kids but they could not clear the puck out of the zone and we controlled the puck for most of the first period.

The game was tied until the second period when we were finally able to get on the scoreboard.  We sent the puck deep into the corner to get possession deep in their zone.  Isaiah and Koda worked hard to get the puck and sent it across to Chris.  The puck got sent in off a stick, went back to Koda and he was able to finally get one past the goalie to give us a 1-0 lead.  SoCal came back a with a few minutes left in the second period to tie the game at 1-1 off a clean break out of a pile at the blue line.  Their top player was able to come across the ice and get one past our goalie’s glove.

Going into the third period, SoCal turned up the pressure a bit and was able to get the puck deep into our zone and control the battle against the boards. We were able to change the momentum when we started to constantly check the puck handlers for the other team.  Zach nailed their big guy every chance he got and this freed the puck for his teammates.  It not only limited their ability to move, but also allowed us to regain control of the puck and created breakaway chances.

Chris made some great passes and Koda was able to break free with Isaiah on a 2-on1 only to have the goalie shut them down.  Then we were able to break in again and hit the post – no goal.

Then we broke in again with Koda bringing the puck up the right side.  He played it perfectly, freezing the goalie for a second and passing it over to Garnett for a shot.  Unfortunately the goalie played it just as perfect and was able to slide across and make the save.

At the midway point of the period, with SoCal trying to clear the puck out of their end, the little beast named Ernesto was able to hold the puck in the zone.  It became a scrum but we came out with control and moved from the left side of the ice to the right.  Koda lined up for a shot and the goalie came out to challenge him.  He passed it off with a hard pass to Zach and Zach deflected the puck in to give us the lead!!  (It was pretty freakin awesome)

We were in full control of the tempo of the game from that point on… Until-
A bad pass in the neutral zone lead to a break-away from SoCal’s top athlete.  Our defense could not get back fast enough to challenge and it was just him and the goalie.  He shot a rocket of a shot, beating the goalie high on his glove side, the crowd went wild.  Unfortunately (for him) he had shot it just wide and the players on the ice were the only ones that recognized it. Everyone just expected it to go in.

This kept the puck deep in our end though and we were battling in the corners to get it free.  Isiaih finally got the puck from the pile and sent it up the boards to Garnett and he was ale to clear the zone.  This allowed us to regroup a bit and shift momentum back in our direction.

With one final clear of the puck after a face-off win the kids counted down the time to their first ever Sled Hockey victory!

It was amazing watching the kids come together, work so hard, support each other, and have a blast.
Congratulations to the following kids for being the Champions of the very FIRST NorCal vs. SoCal Youth Sled Hockey game.
Ernesto Cappuccio
Isaiah Ahlstrom
Koda Inman-Ahlstrom (Scored the very first goal for this event)
Chris Rodriguez
Garnett Silver-Hall
and Zach Penick (Scored the game winning goal)

Daniel, we hope you get better fast, and Zach (little Zach) we hope to see you soon.

BORP kids ROCK!!!