Power Soccer Tournament Highlights


Congratulations to the Bombers and Crushers for their spirited and relentless play today. For the Bombers I especially want to salute their teamwork and never-say-die attitude in games in which they couldn’t find their offense and could easily have given up. For the Crushers I was impressed by the new-found aggressiveness that paid off with lots of offense and a thrilling 1-0 victory over the Kryptonite Pride. While there were many tremendous scores (and near scores) throughout the day, the one that stands out for me was the Bath to Balcziunas goal in the game vs the Pride. This was a precision strike that beat the Pride goalie, a former USA team player, with ease!

Offensive stars for the day were:
John Starks: 2 goals, 1 assist
Milo Balcziunas: 5 goals
Stanley Kuang: 2 goals (his first ever)
Ian Kinmont: 1 assist
Jake Bath: 2 goals and 3 assists

Defensive stars were:
The whole dang Crushers roster
Luis Campos with some amazing stops in goal for the Bombers.

Accolades of the highest order to the Booster Club for the delicious lunch and snacks.

Thanks to:
The referees for their fair-minded, conscientious management of the games.
Matt, Jessica and Courtney for their volunteer assistance at the score table
Our outstanding pit crew for their usual but never to be taken for granted excellent work with everyone’s equipment.
Todd Kerr and the Berkeley Times for covering today’s matches. I’ll let you all know when the article is published.

Hope everyone has a joyous Sunday and Thanksgiving weekend!

See you in December,