BORP Power Soccer Tournament October 26, 2013

BORP hosted a power soccer tournament at James Kenney Recreation Center, 1720 8th Str., Berkeley on Saturday, October 26.

Both BORP squads, the Bombers and Crushers, kicked off their seasons.


The Bombers 3 game day was highlighted by excellent communication and stalwart defensive efforts that frustrated many scoring opportunities for their opponents. On the offensive side the Bombers never quite clicked but their attacking philosophy will undoubtedly be rewarded as the season goes on.


The Crushers also had 3 games and showed excellent team play at both ends. Every player had at least one goal or assist and the Crushers rolled to a 2-1 record.


The Power Soccer Boosters had an amazing day and provided a tremendous lunch and snacks for everyone in the gym. Thanks to the Boosters, volunteers, referees and teams for a wonderful day of soccer!


BORP Scoring Totals:

Calum Cain: 1 goal, 1 assist

Ruby Shemaria: 1 goal

Milo Balcziunas: 2 assist

Margaret Mele: 1 assist

Stanley Kuang: 1 goal, 1 assist

Cosmo Rudd: 1 assist

Ian Kinmont: 3 goals

Jake Bath: 5 goals, 1 assist

John Madigan: 1 goal


Next Home Games: December 14-15.


Ruby is all smiles while playing power soccer