2nd Annual BORP Youth Power Soccer Camp a success!

From July 21-25 BORP hosted the 2nd Annual BORP Youth Power Soccer Camp at the James Kenney Community Center in Berkeley.

Eleven athletes representing teams from BORP, San Jose, and Sacramento participated in a myriad of drills, “funtivities” and scrimmages.  The camp was awesome for players and coaches and the improvement in play for every athlete was tremendous!

Athletes from the 2014 BORP Summer Power Soccer Camp

The final day featured a scrimmage between coaches (John, Chris, Bill, Jonathan, Shona) and the players that ended in a 2-2 tie (due only to the coaches’ massive rule-bending/breaking).


We look forward to doing camp again in 2015 (and beyond)!


Thanks to everyone who participated and supported the camp and especially:

Diane Sigman – delicious fresh-baked muffins every day!

Stephanie Chu (James Kenney Coordinator) for arranging the gym time and secure overnight storage.

Coaches: Chris, Bill, John, Julie, Travis.

Volunteers: Erika, Emma, Andris, Nancy, George, Chris, Shona.

Jonathan Newman for all of his hard work on behalf of the BORP Power Soccer Program.

And all the players for their whole-hearted participation and support of each other.