BORP Transportation Services Fill Gaps and Open up Opportunities

When the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) began planning their board meeting reception at the Ed Roberts Campus (ERC), they were faced with the question of how to get their group to the ERC in Berkeley from their hotel in Emeryville, and back again. Tim Fuchs of the NCIL contacted BORP he said, “We were having a heck of a time finding accessible transportation options. We have about 23 people, 6 of whom use wheelchairs.” After calling taxi, van and charter companies for days, he was having no luck.

BORP has two accessible buses, which were made possible by a Federal Transit Administration Section 5310 vehicle grant and a Paratransit Gap Grant from Alameda County Transportation Commission (Measure B funds). Each bus allows five to six people in wheelchairs to be transported at one time. And, in addition to providing transportation for BORP participants, we also offer a fee-for-service Group Trip Service option with discounted rates for disability groups and nonprofits. It was the perfect solution for NCIL, according to Fuchs who said, “We’re happy to pay for these services and I’d much rather give our money to BORP than a cab company.” And so, BORP will shuttle NCIL’s group together to their reception at the Ed Roberts Campus.

BORP Bus in Pacifica, CA
One of BORP’s buses parked in front of Rockaway Beach in Pacifica CA.

“I think this is a prime example of why our buses are important to our community and how they truly fill a gap between para-transit, public transit and other means of transportation which may not be accessible or affordable,” said Sarah-Dawn Smith, BORPs Transportation Coordinator.

“BORP’s buses fill a gap between para-transit,
public transit and other means of transportation
which may not be accessible or affordable”

In addition to NCIL, we have also recently served National Federation for the Blind California, Jewish Community Center East Bay, Children’s Skin Disease Foundation, and Project Access Oakland, to name a few.

Our vehicles open up opportunities to serve more community organizations! If you are planning a group trip and want information on how a BORP bus could help with your transportation needs, contact BORP Transportation Coordinator, Sarah-Dawn Smith, at or call (510) 849-4663 x 1378 or MOBILE (949) 205-9058.

BORP’s accessible group trip transportation service is made possible by funding from Alameda County Transportation Commission through the Special Transportation Program for Seniors and People with Disabilities (Measure B funds). This service is aimed at improving the mobility of people with disabilities and increasing access to sports and recreation activities by supplementing conventional fixed route service and addressing the current gap in accessible group trip options for youth and adults with disabilities in Alameda County.  More information about this project can be found on our website and at