New evening, donation-based yoga class

Jess Schlesinger headshot
Jess Schlesinger

Long-time ​BORP​ fitness studio​ instructor, Jess Schlesinger will be offering her class two nights per week. Starting May 1st, Access Centered Yoga for Trauma and Pain will be offered Tuesday nights at 7:30-8:30 ​pm in addition to Thursdays​. This is ​a ​ donation based class, so students can attend for free and donate what they can​,​ when they can.

Class description:  

​Access-Centered Yoga is a trauma-informed class demonstrating that yoga can be accessible for all bodies and minds. The class incorporates awareness of breath with movement and dynamic poses adapted and modified for various abilities and access needs. Each class will emphasize strength, balance, and flexibility as well as infusing mindful awareness of our “felt-sense” throughout a sequence. Many of us become disconnected from our bodies as a result of trauma, pain, and shame. By taking a moment to notice how we feel while we move and breathe we begin to reconnect to our bodies and become more present in our day to day lives