CAL Gets Serious About Adaptive Sports

For several years, BORP has been working with UC Berkeley (Cal) to develop an adaptive sports program. Leading these efforts, was Jonathan Newman, BORP’s Adult Sports Programs Coordinator, who worked with Cal to provide goalball and some power soccer on its campus. At the same time, we were also encouraging Cal to create a staff position to oversee the program and give it the attention it needs to thrive. I’m delighted to report that UC Berkeley recently hired its first Inclusive Sports Director, Torre Meeks.

Torre Meeks

With a strong background in sports and education, Torre is passionate about making his program a success. He’s already working hard to gain support for the Cal goalball program and to get the campus fired up about adaptive sports. This Friday, March 15th, Cal will conduct its first Goalball Showcase. We’re very excited about Torre’s appointment and look forward to continuing our strong partnership to make an entire menu of adaptive sports a reality for Cal students.