Thank You, BORP Instructors!

Less than two weeks after the Bay Area shelter in place order was issued, BORP began offering online fitness classes. But we wouldn’t have been able to do this without our talented instructors.

Tina Ybarra, Carina Ho, JanpiStar, and Rachel Kahn provide classes in dance, strength training, and mindful movement. As word has spread about their high-quality instruction, people have joined us from across the country to exercise, stay healthy and create community. 

Carina graciously volunteers her time as an instructor. And in addition to leading Saturday’s Rumba with Tina classes, Tina volunteers to create all the cool TikTok videos that we post on BORP’s social media to publicize classes. 

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our live classes you can see recordings on ​our ​YouTube Channel. And you can find out more about the instructors in their bios.

Register for class here!

Zumba with Tina
Tina Ybarra
Janpi Star

Carina Ho
Carina Ho
Rachel Kahn
Rachel Kahn