Exploration of Summertime (Descriptive Tour)

On July 12th, in partnership with the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, BORP’s Adventures & Outings Program will host an exploration of summertime artwork with docents Amy Finkel, Tom Traylor and Lelia Lanctot.

Each of us may have a favorite season but also enjoy every season for its special qualities. Summertime will explore four artists’ views of summer in the FAMSF collection. One is a summer school poster by a Bay Area artist. Two that celebrate summer harvest are: an 18th Century French ceramic figure; and a 19th Century Japanese woodcut. And one is a British artist’s new look at an old friend who came to his studio on a summer day.

The tour takes place on July 12th from 10:30am to 12pm.

Call Lori at 510-843-4398 for more information (please call after 10am) or email Lori at lori@borp.org.

Space is limited.

David Lance Goines, Color Lithographic Poster, 2001.
David Lance Goines, Color Lithographic Poster, 2001.