Summer outings to Chinatown and Great America for Oakland VIP youth

Brittney, Romeo, Azul and Kelli standing under brightly colored red, blue, green, yellow and orange lanterns strewn above them in Ross Alley Chinatown SF.

Azul, Kelli and Brittney standing together in the alley with their cell phone cameras up taking a photo of the brightly colored lanterns.

Azul, Brittney and Kelli in front of the Fortune Cookie Factory building in Chinatown giving up peace signs.

Azul, Brittney and Kelli getting into their seats and harnesses to ride the “Demon,” at Great America.

Romeo giving a “thumbs up,” to show how much fun he was having waiting to go on the Grizzly Coaster, a wooden coaster ride.

These activities were made possible by a grant from the Oakland Fund for Children & Youth (OFCY).”