THANK YOU for making

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120% of Goal

a huge success

We raise $240,000, 120% of our goal.

Hearty Congratulations and Thanks to:

BORP Board members Kathi Pugh and Randy Randleman who raised $56K and $34K respectively!

28-member team, Special Need for Speed (team captain Brad Frazee) who raised almost $26K; and the VelorRaptors (team captain Randy Mellin) who raised almost $20K!

Altogether, 142 Riders and Virtual REV participants brought in 1,063 donations totaling $227,808 plus $14,500 in sponsorships = $243,308

Special Thanks to:

  • Revolutionary Award Winner – Kristi Hruzewicz
  • Award Presenter (and former executive director) – Rick Spittler
  • Master of Ceremonies – Tim Orr
  • Photographer – Scot Goodman
  • Stage Manager & Slide Show Creator – Cecelia Perkins
  • Announcer – Bill Brobeck
  • Festival Vibe Maker – Jonathan Whitney
  • Uber Volunteer – Anna Fogelman
  • John Schott & the Rude Mechanicals – with John Schott (guitar), Rob Sudduth (saxophone), Dan Seamans (bass), and Carrie Jhade (drums)
  • EMT and EMT Assistant – Emilie and Betsy Bard
  • All ‘round person making things work when you least expect it – Angel Adeyoha
  • Event Planner Extraordinaire – Sarah Kidder (Ambience Creative)

Massage Therapists

Marleni Vasquez
Monica Ferrey

Morgan Harryman

w/ support from
Nancy Henderson

Ride Support Volunteers

Albert Jiang
Amanda Carson
Brad Craven
Cathasach O’Neill
Charlie Bryant
Crystal Wang
Cullen Boyd
Dan Friedland

Devin Pastika
Estela Ontiveros
Greg Milano
Isabel Dieperink
Kevin Burrell
Maia Jin
Mary Norton
Michelle Flynn

Noah Schaefer
Ron Craven
Tanette Maffetti
Thomas Ayres
Walt Flom
Steve Pollack

Event Logistics Volunteers

Abeba Benton
Adriana Irisarri
Aidan Malone
Alisanne Maffei
Anna Fogelman
Azlynda Alim
C. Huang
Cecelia Perkins

Christine Arseneault
Declan King
Gabriel Irissari
Gage Mettler
Greg Milano
Jorie Heilman
Katia Randleman
Kristi Hruzewicz
Mark Rosenheimer
Noah Schaefer
Pip Marks
Samuel Buman
Teresa Humble
Thelma Smith
Tom Filmyer

Festival Support

Gabriella Dalgaard
Jonathan Kidder
Karen Hannelore Carino
Mary Vezeteu
Norman Pearce
Nosrat Zahiri
Ruby Shemaria
Sam Petulla
William Randleman

Thank you to our Sponsors