Any Athlete, Any Ability, Any Sport.

Recently Jonathan Newman, our Adult Programming Coordinator, emailed all of us a link to the Blind Soccer World Cup. For Blind Soccer Stars, Field of Vision is Overrated. As I watched the video I was enthralled and amazed by the accuracy of the kicks, and the inability of a sighted goalie to stop the visually impaired soccer player from scoring. As the kicker moved smoothly down the field manipulating the spinning movement of the ball with light taps of his feet, the keeper attempted to track the ball and the kicker. But tracking and stopping are two different things, and in this case a goal was the outcome. GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!

What is it about watching this that makes me think, “How do they do that?”  You see it happening, and when it’s done you don’t understand how it happened. Maybe it’s not important how, but more important that it happens at all. The fact that there are individuals out there that continue to move in a forward direction is what matters and what inspires. Individuals that do not stop because of a disability or a circumstance or a situation can be inspiring. Their athleticism is a glimpse of what is possible at any level. As an athlete myself I am inspired by other athletes, any athletes, any ability, engaging in any sport.