Crushers take 2 in Intersquad Matchup

Crushers 6 Bombers 0

The Crushers and newly reconstituted Bombers faced off on Saturday December 11 in two hotly contested matches. The Bombers recently absorbed several of the HardDrivers and the comingled group had its first games together, bravely taking on a much more seasoned and cohesive Crushers team. The Crushers started with the ball and threatened in the early minutes of the game. But gutsy play by veteran keeper Sebastian Klopfer and defensive powerhouse Emile Perry held the Crushers scoreless for the first quarter of play. The Bombers were unable to stop Talia Galibter as she raced down the pitch to sneak one past the defense for the first goal of the game. Luis Campos came in to relieve Klopfer and April Bryant managed to thread the ball between defenders to score with just under six minutes left in the half. Brian Larson tangled it up with keeper Campos, pushing the ball through for the final score in the half. In the second half John Starks won a battle with the keeper to score the fourth goal by the Crushers and Ian Kinmont shot down the court to put in the Crushers fifth goal. With just 3:17 left in the match John Starks blasted another shot in off a corner for a final 6-0 game. Tyrone Cobb and Perry teamed up with Milo Balcziunes in the second half and the Bombers threatened several times but were unable to get one past the Crushers’ keepers.

Crushers 5 Bombers 0

Margaret Mele drew first blood pushing the ball through a crowd in front of the goal 7 minutes into the second game Galibter had an unassisted score after a teammate’s attempted goal was blocked. Alexia McBride, Jessica Roeckl-Navazio and Emile Perry kept the Crushers scoring opportunities to a minimum in the first half with numerous well timed defensive plays and good passes on offense. Up by two at the start of the second half, the Crushers exploded into action with Mele scorching one past the keeper after a shot by teammate Larson rebounded back into play. Mele found herself putting in her third and final goal of the game unassisted after several failed scoring attempts by Bombers’ players Cobb, Balcziunes and Perry. The final goal of the game was made by Ian Kinmont off a corner inbounded by Talia Galiebter. The Crushers showed their well developed set pieces throughout the afternoon. The Bombers, obviously still adjusting to the roster changes, had moments of brilliance sprinkled throughout an afternoon marked by plays that lacked the coordinated efforts seen in teams with more experience together. The next power soccer games are:

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