Whale Sightings

It wasn’t long before Adventures & Outings went back to test our synchronicity with one of Nature’s majestic scenes.  So, back at Half Moon Bay’s Pillar Point we boarded the same boat.  I was hoisted aboard by four very strong pairs of hands again. Then, I was put in a corner of the boat where my wheelchair would be nice and stable for the twelve-mile ride.

As the boat made its way toward potential sightings, the crew instructed us on how to alert each other about the direction of a particular sighting.  We were directed to use the sayings of a clock such as six o’clock and twelve o’clock so everyone would have a chance to see the elusive beings.

The energy and the feel of the day was different.  It was a beautiful spring day in Half Moon Bay.  The sun was so bright, I felt like flea a sitting on a reflective tanning screen in the middle of the ocean.  Although the afternoon wind had increased, it seemed to have changed our luck.  All of sudden someone shouted, “there, at two o’clock!”  I looked to my right and saw the effervescence coming from a blow-hole.  Oh boy, I thought, our perseverance has paid off.

Then, at ‘four o’clock,’ I saw a Gray Whale dive deeper into the ocean as her back broke the water’s surface and disappeared again. I could have sworn that I saw the edge of her tail fin.  Perhaps my hopes colored my perception; all I knew for sure was that it was breath taking!

The elation of the sightings made the time on the water seem so short.  We were already headed home.

Once again, not only was I in awe of Nature and her amazing moments, but I’ve also been awestruck by BORP’s Adventures & Outings Program.  These were literally “opportunities of a lifetime!”