Imagine A Wheelchair On Marshland

One year Lori Gray organized a trip to Coyote Hills; it was amazing!  Coyote Hills had paved trails along its golden rolling hills overlooking vistas of marshland.  It was like looking down onto someone’s quilt work, patches of beige, brown, and rust. I believe the patches of color were beds of salt and mineral.

When our trail hike ended, I rolled my power wheelchair down to the water’s edge.  There, I was further invited to traverse the marsh on a meandering wooden pathway with lush cattails on either side.  It was an amazing feeling to witness a Muskrat forage for its food and find myself among the olive green reeds.  I knew a Muskrat foraging in the afternoon was a rare to see because they usually forage at dusk and dawn.

As I continued on my path, Nature beckoned me to look up and watch a flock of Red-Winged Blackbirds in the sky.  The flock formed a black wave that looked like a sail being pulled taut along its mast.  Little by little, the blackbirds would swoop down into the reeds to roost; they chirped happily as if they were welcoming me to their home.  These beautiful little birds flashed their black iridescent bodies and their brilliant red stained wings in the sunshine as they landed.  I felt as if I were secretly witnessing the filming of a documentary on marsh life.

Unfortunately, I soon found myself back at the beginning of my marshland adventure.  When I reached the paved trail my heart was warm and tranquil.  I wasn’t ready to go home, but, was most grateful to witness Nature at her best  — an opportunity I would have never dreamed.