Summer Update

Hello Cruisers!!
I want to update everyone on the Summer program so far.  I am totally amazed with you all and the efforts you have made so far.
To date, you all have rode bikes, pushed your basketball chairs, and pushed your chairs over 450 miles, and all totalled you guys have burned approximately 66,000 calories.  This is fantastic and those of you that have been working so hard should be really proud of yourselves.
This week should be HUGE!!  We start off with cross-training and Basketball on Saturday.  For Varsity athletes, please be at the Cycle Center at 9:00 to get ready.  Richie will be at the gym for those going to play ball.
Remember, we have the mandatory pre-camp meeting at the Cycle Center at 12:00.
On Sunday we have hockey from 10:15-11:45.  Please be at the ice center between 9:00-9:30 to get geared up.
This week we start the Adapted Rowing Camp.  This is the first time we will be doing this and the folks at Oakland Strokes are going to make it a week to remember.  If you have not registered, please do it right away.  You can register for all the summer activities here:
Momentum is something you use to your advantage.  You all have gotten things moving and created the momentum for the rest of the summer.  Keep it going.
Finally, for all of you that we have not seen lately, get out here!  We are providing as many opportunities as we can but it is up to you to take advantage of them.
Upcoming Activities:
7/9- Cross Training, Pre-Camp Meeting, Basketball
7/10 – Sled Hockey
7/12- Cycling
7/12-7/15 – Adapted Rowing Camp
7/14 – Cycling, Basketball @ Dreamcourts
7/15 – Sled Skating
7/16 – Cross Training, Basketball
7/17 – Sled Hockey, BBQ (Roberts Regional Park)
7/19 – Cycling, Basketball @ Dreamcourts
7/21 – Cycling
7/22 – Water Skiing, Sled Skating
7/23 – Cross Training, Basketball
7/24 – Sled Hockey
7/26 – Cycling, Basketball @ Dreamcourts
7/28 – Cycling
7/29-7/31 – Camping
7/30 – Basketball
One last thing to mention, Opening Day is on Sep. 10.  That means that it is right around the corner.  We need to start preparing for the event and getting food and drinks donated if possible.  Please start getting those letters out so we can make our requests within the proper timeline.
Thanks to everyone,