Scavenger Crawl – Fundraiser for BORP

Hey BORP Fans,
This is from BORP All Stars Coach Tony Lai and sounds like a fun way to raise some money for BORP. If you can participate, donate or help spread the word it would be appreciated.

Hey everyone!
As some of you already know, I am currently working with another nonprofit call Scavenger Crawl on a charity event/race, with all proceeds going to BORP.  Scavenger Crawl is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the Bay area non-profit community. For each of their biannual races, they choose a nonprofit to partner with, and this year, of course, they are partnering up BORP, with me as the liaison. Remember, Scavenger Crawl is a nonprofit run with strictly volunteers and sponsors, so operating cost is minimal, meaning close to all participating fees will directly benefit BORP.
If you have ever watched The Amazing Race, participated in Great Urban race, or saw people running around SF wearing a bib number, you kind of already know what the event is. It is essential a scavenger hunt that spans a part of SF- we have done the race in Mission District and the Embarcadero in the past. Using the clues that we hand out, you and your team will figure out what location each clue is referring to, go there to complete a task, and complete as many tasks as you can.  You can use smartphones, tablets, or any gadgets you like, but no driving or biking (public transportation is okay). I have personally participated in 3 previous races, and I can tell you that they are all extremely fun and challenging.  However, instead of being in the race this time around, I will be administrating one of the tasks… so come find me!

Event info:

Date: Sunday, Nov 6th, 2011

Location: Potrero/Mission Sports Basement in SF (

Start time: 1pm (be there by noon to check in)

End time: 5pm (with brief award ceremony after, drinks and snacks provided)

To register:

The registration fee is $20. However, for being an awesome friend and supporter of BORP, here is a discount code for $5 off: BORP_FF.

So here are your takeaways from this email:

1.     Come join the race on Nov 6th

2.     Don’t forget to register and use the discount code

3.     Spread the word! More people that participate = More $$ for BORP!

Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about the race or Scavenger Crawl!