Fun with Goalball Numbers

BORP Goalball Tournament 17 notes these accomplishments:
Youngest player to score in the BORP Goalball Tournament: Rustom Kazak – 15
Oldest player to score in the BORP Goalball Tournament: Bill Johnson – 53 (ongoing record)
BORP Goalball 17 Championship game was the 196th game in tournament history. This was the first Championship game Jonathan Newman did not referee. Jonathan has refereed in 187 of the 196 games.

Other Notes (Names in bold are current players)
All time goal leaders: Roger Acuna – 113Marco Zepeda – 113, Seth Clark -105, Eric Mazariegos – 91,Brandon Young – 86Bill Johnson – 85Victor Hakopian – 72Shen Kuan 63, Joe Hamilton 53, Mike Finn – 51
All time women’s goal leaders: Lucy Greco – 50, Jessica Lorenz – 38, Kim Cruz – 23, Kamilla Ryding – 25, Christella Garcia – 12.
Most Goals in one tournament: Seth Clark – 31, Brandon Young – 27, Kamilla Ryding – 25, Nick Gasaway – 23
Most championships: Roger Acuna – 5
Most top 3 finishes: Roger Acuna – 11

Over the years 98 different players have participated in the BORP Goalball Tournament. 59 players have at least one top 3 finish.
31 players have been on at least one Championship team. They are:
Roger Acuna
Torrin Arnold
Scott Blanks
Roger Brock
Seth Clark
Kim Cruz
Mike Finn
Khemnesuel Fisher
Christella Garcia
Nick Gasaway
Karla Gilbride

Lucy Greco
Victor Hakopian
Paul Heidhues
Bill Johnson
Shen Kuan

Tony Lewis
Sergio Lopez
Jessica Lorenz
Neal MacDonald
Lisamaria Martinez
Eric Mazariegos
Josh Miele
Gail Mullner
Rusty Renden
Jonathan Simeone
Fernando Tarazon
James Watts
Kymi Watts
Brandon Young
Marco Zepeda