January Yoga Series at BORP with Nancy Yates

Yoga Instructor Nancy Yates
Nancy’s classes at BORP Fitness Center have been just what I need to stay flexible as I grow older. Her focus on breathing and slow stretching has improved my core strength, and encourages my awareness of the small places I hold tension. I feel better, more calm and in charge of my body after her class. The poses she chooses to teach are perfect for improving balance – one of the most important elements of posture and staying on your own two feet in an aging body. She has a good sense of humor, and radiates an attitude of helpfulness and understanding of any physical limitation that one might have. I have found a yoga environment I can trust to make me feel good and strong.   — a student in one of Nancy’s classes


Senior Yoga Instructor Nancy Yates is offering a special series of 3  Private Group Sessions on Fridays, beginning January 11, 2013.

– Time 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

– Three 2 hour private group sessions on the following Friday’s, Jan 11th, 18th, and 25th

– Fee: $150 for the entire series of  three sessions. Fee for each individual Workshop is $55.

Advanced Registration is required. To reserve your space for the session please contact Nancy directly using her contact info at the end of this post. Payment is made directly to Nancy Yates.

This series will be based on Breath awareness. Each session will include extensions, balance, strengthening and restorative postures.

1)“Letting Go Of Everything Less Than Love”  (perfect mindset for 2013)

Special emphasis on the relationship of opening your Breath and heart during  each posture.

2)“Nothing To Lose But Stress & The Blues”  (post-holiday restorative)

Special emphasis on restorative postures, including  meditations that work for you anytime.

3)“Falling In Love With Your Breath”  (expanding into the New Year)

Special emphasis on sensing the Breath and learning how to direct the flow of your Breath.

Chai & healthy treats will be provided. See you!

RSVP Nancy directly at  415-346-8119 or

email: nancyyates1@gmail.com