New Athletic Opportunity for Athletes of All Abilities

Hey All,

The Cal Triathlon team is opening up their program to all athletes.

You do not have to be a triathlete (or a Cal student) to take 
advantage of this opportunity, just be someone who would like to 
train and participate in any (or a combination of any) of triathlon's 
If you are interested, please read the following message from the 

Cal Triathlon Team and/or if you know someone who might be 
interested, please help spread the word.

Go Bears!
One look at the sport’s rich rich history, as well as our team’s
background and mission statement, will tell you that we have 
always held to the belief that triathlon is for anyone and everyone. 
Starting spring 2013, Cal triathlon will officially be an all-inclusive 
team. We would like to invite athletes of all abilities to come 
to our recruitment meeting on February 4th, 2013 at 7:00 PM 
(location TBA).

Why join?
•	Be part of the best collegiate team in the nation.
•	Stay active. Stay Healthy.
•	Have a dedicated coaching staff with an optimum training 
•	Meet a friendly group of triathletes that loves to train just as 
        much as you do.
•	Find a training buddy that will keep you motivated throughout 
        the year.
•	Have access to training facilities and equipment (with the 
        support from BORP**).
•	Have the opportunity to represent UC Berkeley in races all 
        around California.
•	Challenge your limits in relay races or full triathlons.
•	And most important, a wide range of team practices designed        
        for all abilities.

Training Schedule
•	Swim: Hearst Pool @ 3:00 PM
•	Run: Hearst @ 4:15 PM
•	Run: Krobert @ 4:00 PM
•	Bike: The Farm @ 5:00 PM
•	Bike: RSF spin room @ 4:00 PM
•	Swim: Golden Bear Pool @ 7:00-8:10 PM
•	Swim: Golden Bear Pool @ 8:10-9:00 PM
•	Run: Edwards Track @ 5:00 PM
•	Swim: Hearts Pool @ 8:00 PM
•	Bike: Krobert @ 3:00 PM
•	Bike: Krobert @ 9:00 AM
•	Run: Krobert @ 9:00 AM
•	Swim: Spieker Pool @ 8:00 PM
Note: Practices are NOT mandatory. Come to as many or as little 
as your heart and body desires. All abilities are welcome.

Any questions?   
Find more information on our website: ;
or e-mail ! See you on Monday!
** Partnership with BORP**

For more than 30 years, Bay Area Outreach & Recreation 
Program (BORP) has been providing accessible sports 
and recreational programs to children, adults, and families 
all over the Bay Area. Cal Triathlon is honored to have 
the support of such a prominent non-profit organization.