New Classes at the BORP Online Fitness Studio

Beginning last week, BORP’s Online Fitness Studio expanded its offerings with a new Adaptive Seated Yoga class with longtime BORP instructor, Nancy Yates. Every Wednesday at 2pm PDT, Nancy takes participants through a series of exercises designed to reduce joint discomfort, stiffness, stress and fatigue, and increase resilience, flexibility and strength. Sign up here.

Starting Tuesday September 1, Ralf Somack will teach a 12-week Sitting Tai chi class. It will take place at 11am PDT and is open to all levels and abilities. Participants will practice various routines and learn the first 12 forms of the gentle Sun style Tai chi set. This class will improve strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, reduces stress, and help develop inner equanimity. For information, contact

And don’t forget, the BORP Online Fitness Studio also offers classes in cardio dance, strength and conditioning, and mindful movement!! Check them out HERE.

Nancy Yates Instructor
Nancy Yates Instructor
Ralf Somack
Ralf Somack Instructor