News from the Cycling Center

The BORP Adaptive Cycling Center reopened in early June and we now have expanded hours–we’re open five days a week, 9am to 5pm, Tuesday thru Saturday (appointments required). This allows us to provide the BORP community plenty of opportunities to exercise outdoors and maintain safe social distance. We’re serving about 50 people per week (with no more than 4 users at the center at a time). 

Jorge Macias, a regular at the center, says: “The BORP employees are very serious about the COVID guidelines and enforce the mask regulations. They provide hand sanitizer, and they also clean the bikes after each use. I feel really safe there.”

The center offers a chance to not only exercise, but to socialize, too (with masks and appropriate social distance). Another regular, Dan Pollart says, “It’s great being able to catch up with friends and meet new people. I’m always interested in learning about their BORP stories, and how they’ve adapted in quarantine.”  

We really appreciate how everyone’s following the safety and social distancing guidelines. This commitment keeps all of us safe. We’re also thrilled to be helping so many people enjoy the health benefits of exercising outdoors. 

A friendly reminder when visiting the cycling center is to: 1) only enter the building if you are using the bathroom, 2) bring your own helmet, and 3) allow riders at least six feet of social distance when they are entering or exiting the courtyard.

To make an appointment, email or call 510-848-2930.

Cyclist riding a recumbent bike