Results from the Annual BORP Participant Survey

BORP Soccer Players
BORP Soccer Players

Each year, BORP sends out a survey to participants to get their feedback and help us improve what we do. Here are some highlights from this year’s survey.

When we asked participants about the impact of BORP programs, this is what they told us:
97% rated BORP’s programs as either excellent or very good.
83% said BORP increased their sense of well-being.
78% said BORP had improved their mental health.
75% said BORP increased the frequency of their exercise.
74% said BORP improved their social connections and supportive relationships.
72% said BORP increased their self-confidence and self-esteem.
67% said BORP increased their ability to lead an active lifestyle.

Here are just a few comments we received from respondents to the survey:
“BORP has become a central part of who I am today. It uplifts me and supports me and teaches me. I can’t even describe how much better my life is thanks to BORP.” 

“BORP has allowed me to feel confident in myself. Before I came to BORP I felt alone and unconfident.”

“Prior to learning about BORP, I feared riding a bike and felt like a failure when I attempted it. Now I feel freedom, success and joy. I can ride with my brother, friends, and family and not feel left out.”

“I love BORP’s online fitness classes! Attending the classes has been an absolute change in my life. I’m extremely grateful to BORP’s amazing staff who have creatively encouraged all the participants to maintain our social connections and manage our mental and physical health during the uncertain times we all are facing with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

 “BORP’s excellent staff has really helped my daughter feel welcomed and valued.