The Revolution 2021: More than what we expected!

From the Desk of Jill Gorman, Development Associate

This year was my third revolution with BORP and each year has been a unique, inspiring experience. In 2019 the Revolution was held in the wine country at a new venue. Last year, because of Covid, we re-envisioned the Revolution and it was virtual. This year the Revolution was more than what I would have ever imagined it could be! It was an event that brought people together virtually and in person. Everyone had the opportunity to create their own Revolution experience and still be connected to the BORP community. Together we thought “outside of the box” and raised funds to continue to support the impact that BORP has in the Bay Area and beyond!

On behalf of the BORP staff and Board of Directors, I would like to thank all of the participants who worked at accomplishing their Revolution goal and raising more than $145,000 to support BORP programming. Your support of BORP and your accomplishments as participants are inspiring!

Thank you to the Revolution Teams and their Captains! Together REV teams raised over $81,000 this year. Go teamwork! We also want to acknowledge the amazing fundraising efforts  of each Revolution participant for your hard work and dedication in reaching your personal fundraising goals!

To all of the Revolution volunteers, Thank You! The REV could not run safely or effectively both in-person and virtually without your support. Throughout the year volunteers are behind the scenes helping to make things happen at BORP. And during the REV volunteers are at the heart of the event.

BORP is thankful for the generosity of every donor that supports our mission. Thank you to each and every donor who supported the REV and its participants. Whether this was your first or your 19th donation to a Revolution, you are now part of the BORP family. Your donations will help to continue the impact that sports and recreation programming has on the lives of BORP participants.

We are grateful for the creative and inspiring instructors who planned and executed a fun-filled online REV. Thank you Tina Hecht, Lori Gray, JanpiStar, Liz Anne Kudma, Nathan Perkins, Ralf Somac and Nancy Yates!

Thank you to everyone who helped with planning and coordinating the logistics of the Revolution: Bill Brobeck for hosting the Revolution Celebration; Cynthia Noonan and Sarah-Dawn Smith for supporting technical aspects of the virtual Revolution; Leo Siecienski and the Cycling Center Staff and Volunteers – Terri, Jorge, Rico, Oscar, Eric, Abby and Eyan; Elaine Beale, Kristi Hruzewicz, Sarah Kidder and Jay Yates! And to our neighbors at Aquatic Park, especially Helder from Waterside Workshops, thank you for your support of the event.

A special thank you to Al Spector and Matt Grigorieff for producing the Live Revolution Celebration and creating inspiring videos highlighting BORP athletes and their families. Thank you also to Taggart Gorman for taking photos of the day’s events.

BORP is thankful for the generous support of this year’s Revolution sponsors: McGuire Hester, Clark Construction, Just Wish Foundation, Fidelity Insurance Service, Columbia, Clif Bar Family Foundation, Bike East Bay, FirmoGraphs, 44 Energy Technologies, Red Fox Resources, Lineaus Athletic Company and Lane Partners. BORP appreciates your partnership!

THANK YOU!! BORP is grateful to everyone who gave their time, support, donations, and teamwork to make the 2021 Revolution a memorable experience!

Revolution 2020 participant ready for her ride from the cycling center.
Revolution 2020 participant ready for her ride from the cycling center.