Kayaking at Aquatic Park

Join us for independent kayaking around the Aquatic Park lagoon! We launch in intervals from our accessible dock and will help with transfers, adaptive fit, boat moving, and more. You can come alone or with companions. In some cases, BORP may be able to provide a tandem paddling partner if you need, please call to confirm. Consider making a 1:1 Fit Appointment before participating in a Paddle Day if adaptive kayaking is new to you, your concerns are complex, or if you’d simply like to learn more. Fit Appointments are an opportunity to see the space, learn about our adaptive solutions, and have 1:1 time to establish the best boat and set up to meet your needs.  For many, a fit appointment is the first step before participating in Paddle Days.

To request a reservation for a Paddle Day or a Fit Appointment, CLICK HERE or you can email kayak@borp.org with any questions. You can also leave a message at 510-256-3533.


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